Physio Treatment

What to expect when you visit our Northern Beaches Physio clinic?
You will be introduced to one of our genuine and caring team members, who will ask you a few important questions regarding your pain and symptoms.  Your Physiotherapist will then assess and diagnose the area of concern, to determine the best methods of treatment for you. Your treatment plan is then explained and once agreed to, will be conducted in our large and private treatment rooms.  You will then be taught how to sustain and build upon the positive treatment outcomes. 
What will your treatment include?
Our team of experienced Physiotherapists in Dee Why are committed to reducing your pain and symptoms and preventing them from recurring.  We aim to use the most  effective and proven treatment protocols that may include, hands-on manual therapy techniques such as spinal and peripheral joint mobilisations, muscle releases and neural mobilisations. In addition, our services include exercise therapy and education so that you understand what is happening in your body and learn how to manage and prevent future symptoms.
What do Inspire Physio's treat?
We treat a broad range of pain and symptoms including:
- pre-natal and post-natal care, treatment and education
- pelvic instability and sacroiliac joint dysfunction
- lower back pain and instability, including sciatica
- all sports injuries
- neck pain and head aches
- shoulder pain and instability including rotator cuff tear
- hip and knee pain including total hip and knee replacements
- foot and ankle pain and injuries
- sprains and muscle tears
How can you contact us?
For more information please call 9972 3304 or email us
Alternatively you can make make an online booking with us today. 


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