Physio Classes

Why are Physio classes important?
Often pain and symptoms are reduced within one or two Physiotherapy treatments.  However, if there is an underlying imbalance or weakness in your body that is not addressed, your pain and symptoms are likely to return.
At Inspire Physiotherapy and Pilates our 10 week program is designed to stop this unwanted cycle.  We teach you how to look after your body and feel good for a life-time. 

What is included in our 10 week program?
10 x 1 hour weekly in-studio classes
Unlimited make-ups
Unlimited access to all of our classes live via zoom 
(valued up to $2,065)
Printable home exercise program specifically designed and progressed to meet your needs
(valued up to $1,100)
Bonus 1
24-hour access to pre-recorded
Physio classes
(valued up to $2,030)
Bonus 2
Join the chat in our private FB group
Regular updates
Ongoing Physio education
Ask your Physio a question any time
(valued up to $1,100)
Our all inclusive 10 weeks of service to you is valued up to $6,295
 What do you pay?
Only $450 In studio
For our 10 week - fully supported in studio program
With over $5,000 in bonuses to access at your finger tips!
Do you live interstate or overseas and want the benefits you'll receive from being in our program? 
Join all our classes online live via Zoom and recorded for 10 weeks and pay Only $295
Are you fully committed to your health and want to attend more than one class in studio per week?
Become an Inspire Physio member for Only $180 per month
Unlimited in studio classes
Unlimited access to all of our classes via Zoom
Unlimited access to pre-recorded classes
Access to our private Facebook group
Book your Physio Screening, become a member on the same day and we will waive your screening fee!
Why choose Inspire Physio Classes?
10 week program
In studio weekly class
Never miss a week
Access to all of our classes live via Zoom
Access to pre-recorded classes 24/7
Access to our private FB group
Each exercise tailored to meet your needs
Targeted and purposeful exercise
Set and achieve specific and attainable goals
Small group setting
Spacious studio filled with natural light
All equipment provided
Have fun with like minded people
Results guaranteed
When does our next term start?
Term 2, 2022 starts Tuesday 26th April

When our are Physio classes scheduled?
Please phone us for the most up to date class times.
Our ongoing classes are as follows
Monday 1.30p.m, 2.45pm (seniors) and 7.15pm 
Tuesday 9.30a.m 
Wednesday 6pm and 7.15p.m
Thursday 9.30a.m

Can't make it into class one week?
No problem, we have you covered!
1. Join your weekly class via zoom
2. Book an alternate in studio make-up class
(based on class availability within the same term)

3. Enjoy a pre-recorded class at a time that suits you

Ready to make a 10 week commitment to feeling good?
Book your initial physio screening online today

Results Guaranteed
By following our weekly exercise program and prescribed home exercises we guarantee you will achieve results, such as decreased pain and tightness, increased active range of movement, increased muscle length, improved posture, decreased pain medication use, improved sleep, increased sports activity or ease in activities of daily living.

If you do not achieve one or more of these results in your first term and you have followed our guidance precisely, then we will work with you for a second term for FREE or until results are achieved.  

Act today, don't miss out!
To ensure we give you the personalised attention you deserve, our in-studio classes are limited to 8 clients maximum.
Our classes are very popular and fill quickly.
You must Book and Pay for the term to secure your spot.

Why do I need a Physio screening before I start the classes?

A screening is an opportunity for your Physiotherapist to learn about you and what you wish to achieve throughout your sessions. During your Physiotherapy screening you will be asked a series of questions about your general health and exercise ability.  You will then be asked to perform a series of exercises from which your therapist will determine your physical strengths and weaknesses. Each exercise is modified and adjusted to meet your abilities at the time of screening. Together, you and your Physiotherapist will establish a minimum of 3 goals to achieve during your class term. Once these goals are met, new goals will be set and you will form a continual cycle of improvement.


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