Private Exercise

What are exercise therapy sessions?
At Inspire Physio Dee Why, our Physiotherapists provide exercise therapy sessions. These one-on-one personalised sessions are significantly different to exercises prescribed by an exercise Physiologist or Personal trainer. These sessions are designed specifically to overcome your current symptoms or injury and bring your body back to balance. The primary goal of these exercise therapy sessions are to prevent ongoing symptoms and re-injury. We will ensure that you are activating your bodies stability muscles correctly, not only your core muscles. teaching you how to protect the larger joints of your body and spine. 
What do I do in an exercise therapy session?
Your exercise therapy sessions can be performed on the Pilates Reformer machine or on a mat using small props such as a foam roller, therapy band, hand weights, gym ball, soft ball, spiky ball and magic circle. The choice of equipment is determined by your needs and ability.  Your Physiotherapist will spend a full half hour with you, guiding and educating you through specifically designed exercises that aim to improve your weaknesses, muscle imbalances and biomechanics.
Why do I need a screening prior to starting these sessions? 
A screening is an opportunity for your Physiotherapist to learn about you and what you wish to achieve throughout your sessions. During your Physiotherapy screening you will be asked a series of questions about your general health and exercise ability. You will then be asked to perform several exercises from which your therapist will determine your physical strengths and weaknesses. Each exercise is modified and adjusted to meet your abilities at the time of screening. Together, you and your Physiotherapist will establish a minimum of 3 goals to achieve during your private sessions.
How many exercise sessions will I need?
We recommend a minimum of 5 sessions performed once weekly.  Each session will be planned out and built upon, so that you can see and feel your progress.
What do I do when the 5 sessions end?
By the end of your 5 sessions you may feel confident enough to take what you have learned and continue your exercises effectively and safely at home. Some clients attend another 5 sessions, others progress to our Physio classes to continue receiving Physio support. This can be discussed with your Physiotherapist and the best decision for you can be made. 


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