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prevent injury this running season

Unlock Your Running Potential and Beat Injury for Good

Running is an excellent form of exercise that is easy to get into, is affordable, and has numerous health benefits.However, like any sport, it takes technique, time, and patience to master. Running injuries are also very common and can affect any runner from the elite athlete to the beginner to the weekend warrior. But don’t…

Are you injured and stuck at home? Here is what you can do.

How can I be treated whilst staying at home? What is online Physiotherapy or ‘ Telehealth’?Many of our patients are needing to stay at home during this period and are wondering how they can continue with rehabilitation of their current injury or what do they do if they sustain a new injury?Our Physiotherapy clinic will…

Easy guide to setting goals for 2021!

Let’s prioritise your health and wellbeing for 2021. New year new you!How to do this?A great way is by making goals for yourself. Think about specific aspects of your life in health that you want to achieve. Then narrow your goal down to create SMART goals. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time…


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