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Do you have “Mindful Posture”?

How mindful are you of your daily body position or ‘posture’? With the start of a new year and many patients returning back to work, our Dee Why Physio clinic has seen an increase in postural related injuries. Many of my patients are reporting a noticeable decline in their body since returning to their office…

prevent injury this running season

Unlock Your Running Potential and Beat Injury for Good

Running is an excellent form of exercise that is easy to get into, is affordable, and has numerous health benefits.However, like any sport, it takes technique, time, and patience to master. Running injuries are also very common and can affect any runner from the elite athlete to the beginner to the weekend warrior. But don’t…

Need to reduce your stress levels? How Pilates improves your ability to handle stress.

For hundreds of thousands of years, stress has served as our body’s natural warning system.  When our caveman ancestors were exposed to potentially life-threatening events, it was stress that ignited their fight or flight response. Today, this fight or flight response still helps us manage threatening events.While a small amount of stress can be a…


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