Are you injured and stuck at home? Here is what you can do.

How can I be treated whilst staying at home? What is online Physiotherapy or ‘ Telehealth’?

Many of our patients are needing to stay at home during this period and are wondering how they can continue with rehabilitation of their current injury or what do they do if they sustain a new injury?

Our Physiotherapy clinic will be using ‘Telehealth‘ communication in which video consultations can take place over a secure platform and diagnosis, treatment techniques and advice can be given to our clients, as if they were in the studio.

The treatment of any injury is based on having a dialogue with our patients about the mechanism of injury, pain pattern, and activity limitations. Based on the information gathered and some guided testing, Physio’s make a diagnosis of what is actually injured.  It’s the difference between saying you have a sore shoulder verses your Physiotherapist saying you have a rotator cuff impingement with over activation of your trapezium and compromise to your thoracic rotational movement.

Physiotherapists pride themselves on making sure they have a clear understanding of an injury, so that they can describe and educate this information to their patients. People want to be in control and understand why their body has pain or dysfunction and Physiotherapists can help equip them with this knowledge.

All of this can be done over the phone or via video consultation. Once a diagnosis is made, the correct movements to help offload the injury, stretching, self treatment techniques, release techniques and exercises for rehabilitation can all be delivered via video and through our online exercise app called Physitrack. 

Telehealth will be covered by some private health funds from April 14th. However, our clinic will be offering discounts on the Physiotherapy consultation price to ensure your pain or injury is addressed ASAP.  Rest assured we are still here to help you through your injuries and keep your bodies moving well, during this period.

Written By Rebecca Feros Senior Physiotherapist | Clinical Pilates Teacher
Inspire Physiotherapy and Pilates Dee Why BAppSc (Ex&SpSc), MPhty, APAM.

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