Working from home? Have your set-up corrected before pain and injury sets in.

What are the benefits of an ergonomic Physiotherapy home office assessment?

Have you started working from home? Maybe you already have a spare desk and chair to work on or maybe you are using the dining table to set up your “office”. If so, keep reading because this blog is dedicated to you and how we can help you.

You don’t even know it yet but in 2 months time from working at home, you may start to experience symptoms of lower back pain or soreness in your neck, shoulders or wrists, even headaches. If you don’t do anything about these symptoms they can potentially lead to musculoskeletal injury. Musculoskeletal injuries affect the human body’s movement or musculoskeletal system including the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, discs, blood vessels, etc. These injuries can be very debilitating and potentially stay with you for life. This is why it is best to be aware and tackle these issues now before pain occurs.

What causes Musculoskeletal injuries?
The main cause for musculoskeletal injuries are awkward postures, repetitive movement, and contact stresses of the body for a prolong period of time. If you start working and stay in a prolonged position your body is not normally designed for, it can lead to pain and dysfunction.

This is why you need an ergonomic home office assessment. Ergonomic is a fancy word to mean fitting the work space to you, not the other way around. The purpose of an ergonomic assessment is to assess risk in the work environment, prevent potential risk and to control the risk.

An Inspire Physio Home office assessment, entails a full evaluation of your work station, seating, monitor/laptop, keyboard, mobile devices, and accessories. We not only evaluate your layout but we also take your previous injuries into consideration. We will adjust and use the resources you have at home where possible, to make your home office fitted optimally to you. We will also give a home exercise program for you to try that includes some stretching to help your body to feel better and stay healthy.

For more information phone 9972 3304 or book your ergonomic home office assessment online.

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