Easy guide to setting goals for 2021!

Let’s prioritise your health and wellbeing for 2021. New year new you!

How to do this?

A great way is by making goals for yourself. Think about specific aspects of your life in health that you want to achieve. Then narrow your goal down to create SMART goals. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time frame.

Let me break it down for you.
Specific - Does your goal have a clear action?
Measurable- Is your goal defined in measurable terms/ Are you able to keep record and bench mark the progress of your goal?
Attainable- Are realistically able to achieve your goal? Is it in your power to achieve your goal?
Relevant- Is your goal meaningful and in alignment to you?
Timely- Does your goal have a realistic and specific time frame to be achieved?

Make sure to start slow and steady with a realistic pace for your goal. If you have a goal in mind but are unsure where to start, our Physiotherapists here at Inspire can help you jump start and make SMART goals together to optimise your health.

Whether your goal is improving strength, increasing your mobility/flexibility or improving your balance. We recommend signing up for 1 on 1 Physiotherapy guided exercise sessions or joining our Physio-Pilates class where we can track your progress and keep you accountable weekly.

If you are a new member or need help with re assessment of your body and goals we recommend you sign up for a Physiotherapy exercise assessment screening where we can discuss your specific goals and work together.

What are the benefits of Physio classes?

 Full exercise screening with New and existing clients
 Individualised 10 week program to keep you accountable
 Small group setting of 8 with social distancing measures in place
 Specific goal setting
 Technique correction
 Equipment provided
 Friendly and fun environment
 Improve overall body strength and joint stability
 Increase mobility and flexibility
 Improve body awareness, poster and balance
 Recover safely from injury whilst keeping strong
 Private health fund claiming

So what are you waiting for? Let us help you to optimise your health for 2021! Let this new year have a fresh start with prioritising yourself. You can call 9972 3304 or email reception@inspirephysioandpilates.com.au to sign up for Term 1, 2021! You also will benefit the most if the diet is in place and one of the best ways we have seen our clients benefit is using healthy ready to eat meals that are delivered. 

Katriana Wong
Dance Physiotherapist at Inspire Physiotherapy and Pilates, Dee Why.
MPhty, BSc (Exercise Rehabilitation)

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