Why do I need Physio Reformer Sessions?

Physiotherapists are the leaders in research and educating you on how to activate your “core” abdominal muscles correctly, stabilising and reducing pain and injury to your body. Inspire Physiotherapists teach you the principles of how to keep your body and joints healthy for a lifetime, so you can continue to thrive even when your sessions are complete.

Body mechanics and correct technique on the reformer are essential to gaining the most benefit from your sessions. One-one-one sessions with your Physiotherapist are targeted to your specific goals and needs. Strengthening and stabilising your specific weaknesses in a safe and fun way, so you see and feel the short and long term benefits.

What is a reformer?

Firstly, let’s talk about what a reformer is. The reformer is a system containing a sliding bed, springs, ropes and pulleys. The sliding bed which is called the carriage has springs on one end of the bed. There are typically 5 springs that give you the ability to control the amount of resistance that one has to push or pull by attaching or detaching them. There is also an optional foot bar on this end that can be used to place your feet or hands for different various exercises. The other end has a rope and pulley system that you can put your hands or feet through. The carriage then rolls forwards and backwards with wheels that slide through the frame below. The reformer is very versatile piece of equipment that can act like a leg press, cables machine, and slider all in one!

What makes Reformer with a Physio an effective rehabilitation?

Since reformers can be used in the horizontal plane it takes out the effect of your full body weight against gravity. Instead you have to work against that springs that can be more easily controlled as mentioned above. That way if your unable to fully weight bear through your feet due to a lower limb injury you can still perform exercises for rehabilitation in a pain- free way.

The reformer is also a great way to further strengthen your core and muscles for your posture. This can be done by removing some springs or all springs thus causing the carriage to be able to slide at any movement. This challenges your body’s proprioception (perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body) and balance to either prevent the carriage from sliding or to control the amount of sliding. Working against the resistance of the springs by pulling the ropes can help strengthen your upper body muscles that can help with your posture as well as your core.

Physio reformers sessions area a great and guided way to help you rehabilitate or optimise your performance by strengthening specific muscles, increasing your mobility/flexibility, and over all mental health. It is also great for those looking for a low impact full body work out.

Who can benefit from Physio reformer sessions?

Honestly, anyone and everyone. To those who are new to exercise and are recovering from an injury, to Pilates experts who are wanting to further challenge themselves. I would also personally recommend the reformer for ballet pointe dancers who are looking to getting stronger with their foot work. The reformer is so functional it can pretty much suit anyone’s needs, just tell us your goals and we can help you. If you are interested in a Physio guided reformer session book with one of our Physiotherapists today!

Katriana Wong
Physiotherapist at Inspire Physiotherapy and Pilates, Dee Why
MPhty, Bsc (Exercise Rehabilitation)

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