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Welcome to Inspire Physio! 

Our highly qualified Physiotherapists, help people who are experiencing pain, tightness or injury in their body to find relief and prevent recurrence. Using targeted treatment techniques, exercise prescription and quality education. Book online today or ask us a question 9972 3304.


Northern Beaches

Our highly experienced team will diagnose and treat your area of pain tightness or injury.
Our specific treatment techniques are designed to get you moving freely and feeling stronger.  We will teach you how to keep moving and feeling good.


 Northern Beaches

Our personalised physio exercise sessions are targeted at increasing your muscle strength, joint stability and improving biomechanics. 
Designed to teach you how to prevent recurring pain and injury, such as chronic lower back pain and headaches.

Physio Classes
10 week program

 Northern Beaches

Join our weekly small-group physio classes and learn how to take care of your body for your lifetime.
Reduce pain and tightness 
Improve posture and balance  
Increase muscle strength
Improve core and joint stability
Prevent injury and harm

Leanne is the founder of Inspire Physiotherapy and Pilates in Dee Why on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. She began her journey into Physiotherapy at the age of 14 when she was first inspired by the work of Physiotherapists at the Australian institute of Sport. Leanne knew this was the career path for her and Physiotherapy has remained her passion for over 30 years. 

Leanne, now heads a close group of Physiotherapists with the same level of skill and aspiration, becoming the leading Physiotherapy clinic on the Northern Beaches. She has created an environment of health and well-being that extends throughout the practise from its staff members to its patients and her community.


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